19 Days Around India -The Crusader

“The slightly damaged front portion of the car had the tale of a difficult journey to tell,” says Lal Mithinraj a solo traveler who have covered 17,000 kms, that is the entire country in 19 days which is said to be the longest solo car expedition in India.

We take much pride to acknowledge Mithinraj, who hails from a middle class family from nagercoil. He began his expedition on 27th July 2016, to commemorate the death anniversary of our former president Dr. Abdul Kalam.

19 Days Around India - kanyakumariDr. Kalam’s golden words “dream, dream, dream…… Dream transform into thoughts and thoughts results in action” fell deep into the hearts of mithinraj. He dreamt of doing something which would make the people to turn towards him. So he took up this expedition to cover the entire country in 19 days. “Roads of success are not full of roses” literally this goes right to context with mithinraj. He crossed several hardships while crossing north eastern states and Kashmir. The roads were crooked bumpy and sometimes hard to even cross the zone. “Every day posted a new challenge” says mithinraj; the conflict zones gave him many life lessons and additional challenge because he was not allowed to cross those zones during the nights. Many a times the weather conditions and the dangerous terrains posted great risks so he has to compensate it with extra kms travel the next day when things becomes handy.

19 Days Around IndiaMithinraj is a strong crusader against child labour and a supporter for ‘clean India campaign’. As mentioned earlier his dream was to do something to make the people turn towards him, but we should understand that it wasn’t just a dream to travel but a collective dream to shout out to all the people who wanted to persue their own goal. He has now set an example for all those who wanted to break away from their routine to do something that their soul wants to do.

His expedition of this solo journey is a call to all the parents to let their children to listen to their passion and not pressurize them to live a mechanized life. This expedition of mithinraj carries a great life lesson to all of us “take your life in your hand, listen to your heart, a great happiness is awaiting at the end”.

19 Days Around IndiaThis namma ooru “marco polo” received the prestigious award the Asian book of record, Indian book of record and assist world record. He is a fine example for all of us to live our lives the way we want to.

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