7 Genuine Reasons Why Kanyakumari is different

1.The unique identification among fellow Tamizhans.

If somebody from other district sees us for the first time, they will surely ask us, “are you from Kerala?” Yeah! Normally we are identified as Malyalis, and of course, we have that Malyali essence in us as majority of us work there.

2.Our accent

Kanyakumari Memes

When we start speaking, you laugh. But we don’t care. We will still call you, எலே, மக்கா, பட்டி, இஞ்ச வாடா, பட்டன்னு வாடா and so on. Our accent is what makes us unique. If mixing two languages is an art; we are Picasso in it.

3.Our Landscape

mathur aqueduct
Pic Credits : Anand GK

In Tamil literature, the lands of Tamil Nadu are divided into 5 parts. Kurunji, Mullai, Marutham, Neital, Palai, which are known as Mountain, forest, cropland, seashore and desert respectively.  And you come to Kanyakumari, you will see the first four i.e. mountain, forest, cropland, seashore. But there is no dry land or desert in our district.

4.We are educated.

Kanyakumari MemesNothing to boast about but we are good in education and giving our generation good education. And records are testifying that. Average literacy rate in Kanyakumari district as per census 2011 is 91.96% of which males and females are 93.92% and 90.06% literates respectively.

5.Fish curry on every home, every day.

அம்மா இன்னிக்கு என்ன கறிமா? மீன் காறி தான் ல! 

Kanyakumari-Fish-CurryYou can probably hear this in every house. We are so clinked to fish curry. It’s too rare to see a house without fish curry. We get fresh fish (even alive, sometimes) where as other districts get processed fishes with ice and other stuffs.

6.Our Unique climate.

kanyakumari RainWe are blessed with beautiful climate 365 days in a year. Summer is not so hot comparing with other districts. And while all the districts were being roasted and became barbeque nation by “அக்னி நச்சத்திரம்”, we were enjoying rain in our district. It’s not only this year (2016), every year when “அக்னி நச்சத்திரம்” arrives during the month of May we get rain

7.We are known by all Indians.

Our Kanyakumari is pretty famous. A North Indian may not know any other districts of Tamil Nadu. But surely they will know the name “Kanyakumari”. And the famous saying, “Kashmir to Kanyakumari” denotes the beginning and the end of our great nation.

#Article by: Manovah