7 Things you should know before taking up Engineering

We follow fads, not just for name sake but literally follow them like there is nothing else and Engineering is one such “Fad”! Check out we list the 7 Things you should know before taking up Engineering 🙂

Parents cut down on TV, sports, send them to multiple tuition centers, etc.& push the limits to make their child ace the 10th & 12th board exams. If you by any chance flunk or not score well enough, the society along with the child’s parents deem them ‘Academically Unfit’, not eligible for merit entrance & ultimately pay a huge amount in ‘Capital’ to put the child into a reputed institution…

But why the rage for Engineering?

Let’s go at it, one point at a time…….

1. Anna University affiliation:

In reality, it doesn’t make a difference. Even if you do your Engineering degree in Anna University, nothing is assured. To put it in Tamil, “Dei Harvardliye admission kedachaalum, padikiravanthaanpadikaporaan!”

2. College transportation:

7 Things you should know before taking up EngineeringIf only the transport comes regularly. Many affiliated colleges pick up from home & drop at home, but we all know that it’s mostly the MTC buses that end up doing the job. They never freaking show up!!!

3. Mess food:

Colleges promise food (Non-Veg & Veg left to the choice of the student) for breakfast & lunch, but the students who eat it know the true pain. Cockroaches, house flies& who knows what else is in there!!!

4. Boy & Girl, no talking:

Boy & Girl, no talkingIt’s a trend that has now become a college’s “Unique Selling Point”. Parents like the thought that their child will not stray away & is sure to graduate with flying colors. But in actuality, the hormones flowing in the body don’t give two f’s!  Also, how do you expect a student to be adaptive around the opposite gender in a work environment? Like really WTF!!!

5. Campus interviews:

This is what they all mostly fall for. They think the college will get them into a company no matter what. But, what if the student has arrears or has no English skills to communicate? Company karaan vela kudukarathukuavanennaunmaamanamachaana?

6. Social Status:

If you are from any part of Tamil Nadu & if you say that you want to take up a course in arts or anything of your choice, then you’ll definitely be disowned! (Only a few parents think otherwise & let their child take up what they like). Parents basically don’t want to be the laughing stock amongst other parents.They want to boast that their child is going to be an Engineer!

7. State of the art facilities & faculty:

“Irukarathuliyeperiya level O**u naithuthaan!” They put it down on their brochures & on their websites, but nothing is actually there (This includes the faculty as well).  Labs are never up to standards. Especially the freaking bathrooms (Dei feesnuperlalumpavaangureengala, orukaakoosakudaolunga maintain pannamudiyaatha?). Now coming to the faculty, half of them are the college’s old graduates or people who are nowhere on Earth worthy enough to be called a professor or lecturer.We are sure there are more points as to why Engineering standards have gone low & around 80% of the graduates are “UNEMPLOYABLE”. Why go after something that you clearly know you will suck at?  Why not go after the things you love & work hard to make a living out of it?

To the parents now, let your child choose his/her destiny. You can’t impose a career on them & once they cross a certain age, it’s their call. Instead support them, learn about their field of interest & find ways to help them be successful in it.


Sincerely yours,
An Engineering Dropout.

7 Things you should know before taking up Engineering

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