Eraniel Palace – Ancient Kingdom of Travancore


Eraniel palace, which is located three kilometers away from padmanabapuram palace, was once known as the political hub for the great Travancore kingdom. This royal palace was established during the reign of Maharaja Vanchi marthanda varma.  Later the kingdom moved its seat of power to padmanabapuram palace, but also eraniel palace served as the second capital at that time.

Few of the historical sources tell us that the palace was the administrative hub of “Venad king”. The architecture of this place was a master piece and considered to be a great example of Kerala’s traditional architecture though it falls under the physical territory of kanniyakumari, Tamilnadu.

ERANIEL PALACEWith the total of three and half acres of land this royal palace holds various important divisions like other palaces.  “Vasantha mandapa” is one such structure where the king takes rest. Today also we could see a grand davenport for resting which is carved out if single stone.

At present stepping into the eraniel palace will enable us to feel as if we are in a mythical world. This is because this royal building is left untouched by any government or nongovernmental organizations. Even the local folks are not aware of this place fully. Now this grand palace is a hub for anti social activities, the palace is decorated with alcohol bottles and cigarettes all around.

Exploring this place will definitely treat our mind and eyes, the structure and the place where the palace located is worth exploring. Besides sunrise and beaches kanyakumari’s historical chapter unfolds here in eraniel.

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