All About 2019 Lok Sabha Elections in the Southernmost Constituency of India

Lok Sabha elections are around the corner, the 2019 election fire has already caught us this summer when things are hot, how can we let it go without talking about it? So, I guess it’s the right time to talk about the upcoming Kanyakumari election 2019 and share some interesting facts from the past! Here you go!

Kanyakumari elections 2019

What is Lok Sabha:

  • The Lok Sabha is one of the houses of the Indian bicameral legislature which is also the lower house of the parliament, while Rajya Sabha being the upper house.
  • The members of the Lok Sabha are mostly selected directly by the people through elections based on adult suffrage which is people over 18 years of age in India, except for a maximum of two members selected from the Anglo-Indian community by the president of India.
  • There are 545 seats in this house out of which 543 are filled through direct elections and these elected members of the parliament are the direct representatives of their constituency.
  • The members of this house of the parliament enjoys a service of five years since the date of the commencing its 1st meeting unless its dissolved earlier by the president due to an issue or it may serve a longer term if there is a state of emergency imposed in the nation like 1975-1977 which is also a threat to the democracy.

Kanyakumari Lok Sabha Constituency:

  • Kanyakumari Lok Sabha constituency is one among the 39 constituencies in Tamilnadu. This constituency was formed in 2008 earlier it was called as the Nagercoil constituency, which was one of the strongest for the Indian national congress.
  • The Nagercoil constituency is from where the Tamil Nadu’s 1st elected chief minister Mr. K.Kamaraj contested and won as an MP 2 times.
  • The significance of this constituency is not just that, this southernmost constituency also has a sentiment to it, which is whichever the party wins in Kanyakumari they or their alliances will form the government in the centre. And it has happened till the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.
  • Even though the state is not much into the national politics this constituency is being an exemption by having a history of mostly being the fortress of either of the national party.
Kanyakumari elections 2019

Lok Sabha 2019 Election:

  • The election commission has planned it in seven phases for the upcoming Lok Sabha election, commencing on April 11 and concluding by May 19, the votes are set to be counted on May 23 and the results will be announced on the same day.
  • In Tamilnadu, the polls are announced on the second phase that is on April 18th.
Kanyakumari elections 2019

Kanyakumari Election 2019 :

  • Since the alliances of the NDA and UPA were formed, Kanyakumari is going to be one among the two places in Tamilnadu where both the national parties are contesting against each other directly.
  • Whatever may be the political scenario, us the citizens should make sure to check ourselves in the electoral roll for Kanyakumari 2019 elections and vow do to vote and
  • As I said earlier people and parties believe in the sentiment of Kanyakumari that the party winning here will make the government, so let ’s wait till the 23rd of May to find out if that sentiment prevails and to know the future of our nation!

Article Author: Divya Sree