Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary

Kanniyakumari district is blessed with the benevolence of nature with the numerous rivers, mountains, streams, forests and seacoast. Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary is a 402.4 km2 (155.4 sq mi) protected area in  Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu South India  in February 2008. The area is tiger habitat.

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Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary (4)The area is a wildlife corridor with high biodiversity, and in addition to tigers, is home to the threatened species :Indian Bison, elephant, Indian Rock Python, Lion-tailed Macaque, Mouse deer, Nilgiri Tahr and Sambar deer.

 The first thing that caught our senses is.. the beautiful scent of incense sticks which located in the feet of the sanctuary. We were delighted and felt welcomed. The temple was a delight for us. To find a calm and beautiful temple by the small stream of river with the backdrop of mountains is a beautiful view. Made us to feel, how much we miss such kind of spiritual places in our cities, which lacked many important things such as serenity.

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary (2) We came in Innova car. We had to cross the stream of water with the car, to get to the other side were the sanctuary starts. Two forest officers accompanied us (for the safety of forest 🙂 not for us. haha. ) We got special permission to enter the sanctuary since its a reserved forest, so we were able to go deeper and explore on our own.

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary (5)We walked into the dense forest for sometime. Deeply moved with the surroundings. We were not expecting this to be so good. Such a visual treat. The path was covered with the excrement of animals, mainly of elephant. The vegetation and flora of Kanniyakumari sanctuary are exceptional because of its extraordinary variety of species occurring within a small area. Kanniyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary is floristically one of the richest areas in our country harboring not less than 3500 species of flowering plants.

The river was running parallel to us by the path. We decided to descend down and go for the river. The way was not very good while climbing down, but still we enjoyed it. And when we got there, we were gasped with amazement! The place was mesmerizing. Straight out of some dream sequence. Untouched by any pollution…. Just the nature!

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary (2)We sat there. Talking and enjoying the freshness. Those waters were very calm and cold. Most of the rocks were slippery so we don’t wanna go deeper (although it was very tempting to)Beware of leeches, it is all very tiny that we wouldn’t be noticing it (One of our friend got bitten by it). So when you leave the place, check through and see if you got any.This was my favorite click. There were many small butterflies around. If u stand still in a place for just seconds, some would sit on you 🙂 Many dragonfly was there too.

The forests serve as a catchment area for 10 reservoirs namely Pechiparai, Perunchani, Chithar-1, Chithar-II, Upper Kodayar, Lower Kodayar, Kuthiyar, Chinna Kuthiyar, Mukkadal and Poigai Anai. These reservoirs irrigate an area of about 50,000 ha and feed about 2,500 ponds and more than 500 Kms. lengths of channels.

Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary (1)Every place we see around had something beautiful and special in it. The one thing we all felt so good is the fact that it is good that this place is a reserved forest. The amount of damage, we humans can make to such a amazing nature is just too high. Nature was the only sound with the fresh intake of air. Something we miss the most living in concrete jungle (cities).The natural vegetation of this region represents biomes ranging from southern thorn forests, dry deciduous, moist deciduous, semi evergreen forests to ever green hill sholas with grassy downs.

After spending some good time, we left the place with a beautiful feeling and all refreshed.  And that’s me… all happy with the visit 🙂

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