Maiya Kottai Kanyakumari

Maiya Kottai Kanyakumari

The word Maiyakottai, which has evolved from its root word “mayanakottai” which literally means THE FORT OF THE DEAD. To reach this particular historical place one should take right turn from “marunthukottai” junction. The local folks would terrify you, not to pay a visit to this historical fort, but actually nothing will haunt you except the tons of liquor bottles you will get to see here.


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This fort was built during raja Marthanda varman’s reign in 18 BC. As the name goes this fort was built for the purpose of doing the last rites to the soldiers who were dead in the wars. There were two types of rituals.  One,  burning the corpse and the other way was to leave the corpse on top of a stone as food for the eagles. To make the latter one with ease this fort is built 350 feet above the main Sea level. The entrance of this fort stands 6 feet tall and welcomes you with its scary history of the past. This olden day graveyard so to say still has the ashes of the burned corpse to witness the past.

This place attracts no tourists because of its fanciful stories of ghost associated with and also its very name “fort of the dead” which is more than enough to panic anyone. For youngsters with bunch of friends would find this Fort worth visiting.